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Company Profile

New ideas, new challenges, new solutions

The key to successful customer relationships is to understand and then meet the demands and expectations of the marketplace. Customers demand not only perfect product quality but also value-adding services, joint development initiatives, technical support, and comprehensive supply chain management. Fischbach has recognised these challenges and is ready to meet them.

Develop, design, and produce Perfection in all details

Close, partnering cooperation with customers in developing packaging systems and machines has made Fischbach a global market leader as a system supplier for the sealants and adhesives industry.

Through decades of exchanging ideas and experiences with sealant producers and filling operations, Fischbach has developed plastic cartridge systems whose components are perfectly matched to customer requirements.

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Fischbach KG Engelskirchen

Fischbach KG Engelskirchen

Büchlerhausen 18
51766 Engelskirchen

Phone: +49 (0) 2263 6090
Fax: +49 (0) 2263 60358
E-mail: info@fischbach-fi.com

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